Mayo Clinic Diet

You may have heard of the so-called Mayo Clinic Diet. The truth is, Mayo Clinic has never been associated with a dietary program. Until now.

You can shed pounds without following complicated plans, without eating frozen or liquid meals, without craving your favorite foods, or shelling out hard-earned money.  If you want to keep off extra pounds for good, then traveling like lightning isn’t the best way to get there.  (After all, it took time to put on the weight.)

Instead climb aboard a slow, steady train.  You’ll feel the bumps.  You may have some extra stops on the way.  You will still reach your destination and enjoy the foods along the way.

First, Figure Out Your Motivation to Set Weight Loss Goals

Answer the why, and make it a big why.  Why do you want to lose or keep off your weight?  If your motivation is to wear that size 8 dress or to fit into those good jeans from last year, then you may setting yourself up not to make the long journey, because you won’t have a strong enough motive to keep the weight off in the future.

On the other hand, if you motivation is to be healthy and feel good about yourself, you will likely make your new eating and exercise habits part of your new lifestyle.  It’s lifestyle you are ultimately affecting here.  By making this a major reason of your ultimate goal, you will have a stronger motive to achieve it and maintain it.

Set Weight Loss Goals that Fit into Small Jars and Take Short Moments to Reach

Now, as you have begun your journey, it’s time to think about goals.  Often people reach for goals that are impossible to achieve, and set themselves up for failure.  For example, dropping 35 pounds in two months or swearing not to eat a certain food.  Then, when they don’t meet those goals, they easily feel defeated and are apt to give up.

Instead, shoot for goals that are realistic and short term.  Then, repeat.  I learned this from a friend of mine.

I suggested to her: aim to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week.  She retorted in a way that I thought she was joking with me, when she said she was going to lose a half a pound per week.  A year later she was 32 pounds less, which represents 23% ahead of her set goal.  Though it was over a year mind you, nevertheless, she did an unthinkable task, by breaking it into baby steps.  And she kept herself motivated by reaching those doable steps each week and by sometimes exceeding them.

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  1. Oh please, another gimmicky branded diet. A whole food plant based diet low in fat and high carbs is the universal way to go. I and a slew of others have REVERSED T2 diabetes heart disease, kidney issues, arthritis, auto immune issues, high cholesterol, the list just goes on and on! Watch Forks over Knives or check out the success stories on the websites of Ornish, McDougall, Forks Over knives, Engine One, Esselstyn, Neal Barnard, Klaper, Fuhrman, the list goes on and on. There may be some minor differences but avoiding processed foods including sugars and oils, avoiding animal products, and eating real food from nature as we evolved to do is the focus. Couldn’t be simpler but nobody wants to hear it because we have grown addicted to processed crap.

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