Mayo Clinic Diet

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You may have heard of the so-called Mayo Clinic Diet. The truth is, Mayo Clinic has never been associated with a dietary program. Until now.

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  1. Oh please, another gimmicky branded diet. A whole food plant based diet low in fat and high carbs is the universal way to go. I and a slew of others have REVERSED T2 diabetes heart disease, kidney issues, arthritis, auto immune issues, high cholesterol, the list just goes on and on! Watch Forks over Knives or check out the success stories on the websites of Ornish, McDougall, Forks Over knives, Engine One, Esselstyn, Neal Barnard, Klaper, Fuhrman, the list goes on and on. There may be some minor differences but avoiding processed foods including sugars and oils, avoiding animal products, and eating real food from nature as we evolved to do is the focus. Couldn’t be simpler but nobody wants to hear it because we have grown addicted to processed crap.

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