Mayo Clinic Diet Review

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Review of the Mayo Clinic Diet – NOT THE FAD but the legit diet promoted by Mayo Clic. Review of main points to start & quick look at the journal.

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  1. I’ve started Mayo clinic’s diet (the real one) 5 days back. Today is my 6th day. To be honest it’s not that easy. I glued the habit tracker on the fridge. I started at 87 KG and now i’m 85 KG within six days…. Where are you now from the diet?. Have you started yet?

  2. OMG we are like twins living in two diffrent countries (france) i also love korean dramas and i really should go on a diet too please tell me if you’ve lost some weight so maybe i will follow this diet

  3. good on you for trying to lose weight, All you need to do is burn more kcalories than you consumer ITS thaT FUCKING SIMPLE, so dont get ripped off by all these diets, work out your natural metabolic rate then eat less kcalories than that, you cANT CHEAT SCIENCE, IM a bit overweight and that is naturally a bit my fault, your hugely overweight thats ALL your fault. But stick to it!!! good luck

  4. Really Felix? Your extra weight is only at “bit” your fault, but Graces extra weight is “all” her fault? Do you realize you are harder on other people than you are on yourself? That doesn’t seem fair to me. Are you being fair Felix?
    To Grace, you seem like a really sweet young lady and I believe you can one day meet and maintain your goals. You can do it!

  5. Great video. Just don’t give up, but if you do eat something that’s not on your diet plan (like cake), then go back to your schedule. I’m proud of you. Good Luck.

  6. Girl, first of all, let me tell you that you are hilarious. I lol’d so much watching this video, slapped my husband on the arm and said this girl and I would be friends in real life, lol. I see only one video, and if you gave up don’t let it get to you, but try it again, maybe we could be diet buddies as I am about to start it up, but PLEASE give us an update!!! 

  7. Dear, Grace,

    Thank you for sharing the video! I have been on every diet under the sun. I’m glad that you actually showed us what is in the books. I’m wondering if you are going to do a part two?

    Did you lose any weight? I guess, more importantly, are you able to keep it off? That’s where MY problem comes in, keeping it off. I cannot keep it off for anything.

    I feel so trapped in this body. 🙁 My doctor told me that the only thing left for me to do was to get a gastric bypass or that sleeve. Here’s the kicker! Before I can get it, I have to lose 30 pounds and keep it off for six months.

    I’m also trying to find friends that are just positive, like yourself.

    I’m eating a lot more fruits with almost every meal. It’s always been a hard thing for to do, to have breakfast. I’ve been working on changing that.

    I got to the goal weight and then I started to plateau where I couldn’t lose any more weight.

    I would leave my e-mail address, but I am too afraid that people will spam me. I’d love to know how you did on this program! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Mayo diet. It makes a lot of sense.

    I’m going to go to Amazon and see if I can find the book and the journal to get me started on this journey.

    Do you have a Facebook account? I would love some way to talk to you. Maybe we can be buddies. Please, let me know.

    Richard RainBear

  8. Thank you for your comments. I am investigating this diet in hopes of making some progress on my weight. I have three children who are seriously obese as well. I feel if I can be successful on this diet maybe I can be an example to my kids. How did it work for you?

  9. I am diabetic type 2 AND I have moderate to severe IBS,BUT…I don’t care, I’m eating just fish(cod) mainly and much more veggies and fruit!! All the top brand doc’a say this is the way to. I will stay away from whole grain bread an noodles. Tear my guts up BAD. Thankfully,I love fruit&veggies. I will be spending more time in BR but I can’t be any worse off?? I would love to kmow how your doing…Anyone!!

  10. Hi Grace, I just found your video I think it was great and Honest. Question: I’m wondering how it was after all (since you have enough time to try it. I’m really worry about my daughter and I don’t know what to try or suggest to help her. Any help is appreciated, Thanks

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