Forskolin Review

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Forskolin review after trying it for 30 days.

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  1. I took forskolin for 3 months and I had pros and cons. I lost about 15 to 20 lbs and that’s significant because I didn’t diet or exercise. I went from about 240 to round about 225. Now for the cons… it made my eyesight blurry and energy levels drop, but I suspect it was from making my blood pressure drop and mine is already at a healthy level without it despite being overweight. About 116 over 76 most of the time and I don’t take blood pressure meds. No other side effects besides those two. I took this web site brand because I trust their products. So this is my honest review. It’s like the lady said, use some common sense caution and my further advice, just try one thing at a time. I don’t want to do a video review because I am completely camera shy. lol. But I hope this helps some of you out. And one more tip, starting out at a max dosage I don’t think is the answer with most supplements. Start on the lower end and if you have no bad side effects or results maybe a higher dosage will give you some results although of course not guaranteed. Good luck everyone!

    1. you look amazing on top of being gorgeous!! your baby is so cute and chubby. thanks for the video. it was informative

    1. I’m not a doctor, but I personally wouldn’t because it speeds your heart. But double check with your doctor just in case.

    2. I had a natural health physician tell me that it was originally used for lowering blood pressure and the added benefit is the weight loss.

    3. I have suffered from high blood pressure and it did regulate mine along with the weight loss to the point my doctor took me off of my BP meds.

    4. +Brandon Brown how many pills did you take a day, and did you take your high blood pressure pills with it?

    5. Donnell Varnado it lowers your blood pressure. It doesn’t have a caffeine stimulant so it doesn’t mess with your heart… it was actually a heart supplements before being used for weightloss

  2. you are supposed to take it half an hour before you eat. i take one before i eat breakfast which is usually around 10:30 and i take the other one before lunch which is around 3:00 for me. i didn’t have a problem with going to the bathroom, it didn’t affect me in that sense. i have been using it for a month now and i have lost around 15 pounds (about 4 lbs per week). the only exercise i have is dance and it’s a school dance class that is only 45 minutes so it’s not like we do much. i really like your honest review, it was very good!

  3. tried this and today is my first day, and guess what??? I went to the bathroom a lot today!! A-lot!! and it was weird poops all day long, varying from cramp-like to diahrrea. Wished I watch this before I tried it and I am so glad I was off work today.

    1. forgot to add, everything you said is like what happened to me. My minor heart thing only happened in the morning – and I drank coffee.

    1. Rachel Stevens dr Oz doesn’t endorse or have seperate websites to sell products etc he says this at the end of every show!

  4. well you seem to have the closest review of aware your heart rate will increase and you have to be one of the funniest reviews i have seen.i have heard it can lead to colitis from massive bowel production..

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