Quick and Sweaty HIIT Cardio Workout

Quick and Sweaty HIIT Cardio Workout: 7 Minute Workout Series is an explosive, high-intensity interval training fat-burning cardio workout that is designed to ramp-up the metabolism, engage all major muscle groups and ignite weight loss potential for lean results in just 7 Minutes!.

Get ready to sweat and fight through the burn with Fitness Expert & 30 Day Butt Lift Trainer, Courtney Prather as she coaches you through this fast-paced, wait-slimming circuit that will sculpt lean muscle and tone the body from head to toe!.

Activate the core and challenge the abdominals as you shape and tighten the abs, arms, legs, butt, back, shoulders, chest, and thighs with targeted, result-driven moves like plank walk-outs, alternating crab kicks, alternating curtsy lunges, sumo burpees, prisoner squat front kicks, Hindu push-ups, v-sit crunches, speed skaters, reverse burpees, plank jacks, single leg toe touches, jumping lunges that will uncover defined results fast!.

Learn to focus on your form to get the most out of each exercise in this effective segment from the all new “7 Minute Workout” fitness series, The 7 Minute Workout Series is supercharged new workout series for those “on the go”, that delivers extreme body-sculpting results by combining intense total-body exercises into rapid fire succession to increase endurance, burn calories, build muscle, and boost energy all in just 7 minutes a day.

Maximize fat loss and re-shape your problem areas with each high-energy workout which utilizes 12 moves each done for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between a full body-toning experience from top to bottom! Top fitness experts coach you through your experience providing modifications for each move to fit all skill levels. You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine.

The entire workout trains the abs all through every routine, so the core is constantly worked on.


  1. Great workout. I love these HIIT cardio workouts.

    May I ask you to take a look at some of the videos that I published? Any comments on how to improve them would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  2. I love working out with Courtney! She makes me keep going. Her voice is very sweet and makes me feel like the workouts are very gentle. I love her, thank you!

    1. +BeautyWithBecka  thanks Becka you are so sweet! 
       I do weight training five days, different group of muscles at gym,  and i’d like to add HIIT at home for getting a complete performance.
      Greetings 🙂

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