Full Body Cardio & Core Workout

Full Body Cardio & Core Workout from Sweat Factor with Sam is an awesome 18 min full body-sculpting workout routine that targets the upper body, lower body and core with cardio burst intervals to incinerate fat, sculpt muscle and deliver total body results from head to toe!.

Turn up the burn and challenge yourself as you engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously with this high-octane fitness combo that cycles 4 rounds of exercise for 45 second intervals with 15 second rest periods in between that will re-define your body fast.

Give it all that you’ve got as you work the arms, abs, legs, booty, back, obliques, shoulders, chest and thighs with Fitness Expert & Shred Camp Trainer, Sam.

Strengthen the core and boost the metabolism with effective series of result driven moves like spider push-ups, alternating reverse curtsy lunges, high knees, plank rotations and more from the body-shredding “Sweat factor” Fitness Series! Become your best and build a stronger and healthier new you with Sweat Factor, You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this effective workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting reps, speed, form and rest periods.

Both elliptical workouts and treadmill workouts will build bone density, burn fat, promote good cardiovascular health and increase your energy level. The important thing is to workout on a regular basis whether it’s at home or in a gym.

Fats will deliver your body will the calories and energy it requirements to get through the workout. The fats will also enhance you anabolic hormone levels to further increase muscle development. They’re going to assistance concentrate you mind and provide you with a continuous flow of sustained power all through the workout, avoiding any sugar crashes. Your mind might be focused and ready for the intense workout.


  1. Body weight exercises are fantastic!
    I do lots of them in the classes the I teach.
    Good job :).

  2. Not gonna lie, I like her hourglass figure. Women often don’t realize that men are not attracted to the emaciated.

  3. It felt so much longer than it was, I was sweating by the end. I liked the cool down they added on the end

  4. thank you for the work out I cant tell you how much I enjoy the work out I was sweating non stop I can do this three times a week

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