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Working out is favourable for you. You stay fit and healthy without the need of depriving yourself of relaxation meals like pizza and ice cream. You get to liberate your stresses and frustrations for the day without punching a hole on the wall.

You could potentially end up ageing as fit as Jane Fonda (75) or Harrison Ford (70). A regular jog, a quick daily trip to the gym, or maybe a regular routine of invigorating adventure sporting activities – no matter what sort of workout routine you love participating in, it will be worth it throughout your lifetime. So how do you realize you’re actually having the results you need?

Work with health and fitness training devices that don’t weigh you down while you kickbox, dance, or frolic in the water. Use high-tech fitness training wrist watches such as Polar FT60, FT4, and FT7. These wrist devices don’t only tell you it’s time to take your ass off the couch and commence exercising. Additionally, they show you the important information you require in order to maximise your physical fitness sessions.

The FT60, for illustration, reveals the kilocalories you’ve reduced in workout sessions. If you have a target figure, the FT60 helps you to either carry on with your current fitness routine or proceed to a more intense and efficient training.

The FT60 is suggested for serious trainers who demand results because it likewise permits users to program training sessions in line with established objectives. The ultra-modern conditioning watch is designed for cross-training and fitness in preference to running, biking, and multisport activities.

On the other hand, the Polar FT4 is designed for physical fitness enhancement and is perfect for beginner trainers. It comes with heart rate-based capabilities that support your own kind of exercise.

This function also finds out your heart rate goal according to your age so that you maintain your training sessions safe and reliable. The FT4 also presents the calories you’ve burned and the intensity of your physical fitness routine, helping you to remain within a low-intensity workout, should that be your focus.


  1. Thanks very much Zuzana, this work out is great, painful, but great. Best wishes. keep up the good work. You inspire. me. BM

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  3. Thanks Zuzana, I had lost 4 pounds by doing your workouts and going on you website for information about dieting, I am going to keep watching your videos until I reach my goal. : )

  4. i had been wanting to know what you do for your lower back cause with all the ab work i been doing and golf related exercises, my lower back is killin me!

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