Beachbody On Demand Trial

The hardest part about starting something new, is starting. is arguably the number 1 household name in the home fitness products.   Their line of products includes high and low-impact workouts for men and women, nutritional supplements, and fitness equipment. also offers one of the most advanced and renowned online support networks for people who buy the beach body products.  People love the interactivity between other users, as well as Beach body coaches like Tony Horton and Shaun T.

With all that available, the Beach body success story starts with the amazing results people are getting with P90X.  For people who aren’t aware, P90X is a home workout that uses weights, pull up bars and combines plyometrics, kickboxing, yoga, and ultra-intense upper body workouts focusing on various body parts.


  1. if only this video didn’t have the “2017” and instead it would say “is this year going to be the year of easy?” guess i’ll make my own.

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