Paleo Kitchen Essentials

Here are all the essential fridge and freezer items I have in order to cook awesome paleo meals at home. None of the ingredients in my fridge are super fancy or really weird, it’s just what I use for my own cooking.

Advocates of this diet encourage people to eat unprocessed foods. They insist that people eat only foods that were present during the times of our ancestors when they were hunters and gatherers.

Hence the Caveman diet centers on eating meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The mantra of the diet is that if it did not exist in the Stone Ages then don’t eat it. Hence, people on the Paleo diet don’t eat processed foods. They also don’t eat dairy, cereals and legumes as they assume that these things were not part of man’s diet during the Stone Ages. The foods that are part of this diet are therefore mainly simple foods in their most basic forms.

Benefits of the Paleo diet

Although some people complain that the Caveman diet is unrealistic, it provides a lot of advantages. These are;

–   Provides an abundance of vitamins

Since people on this diet eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, they get a lot of vitamins from this diet. The other thing is that they get lots of fiber from the fruits and vegetables in the diet. With this exposure to vitamins, it results in healthy skin, nails and hair. The antioxidants present in fruits result in a youthful appearance that makeup tips will never impart to your skin.

–   Great for joint health

The Caveman diet exposes an individual to lots of healthy fats and oils. These healthy fats and oils come from foods such as avocado and meats such as oily fish. This ingestion of healthy fats and oils lubricates the joints and reduces inflammation thereby eliminating joint pain.

–   Clean diet

The caveman diet is ideally a clean diet because it factors out unhealthy processed foods from the diet. Makeup tips only cater to the surface but a clean diet will make you beautiful from the inside out. Cutting out sugar, bad fats, and dangerous additives results in balanced blood sugar levels. Balanced sugar levels will help improve your overall appearance especially when it comes to maintaining clear skin. The balance in blood sugar also helps in the maintenance of stable energy levels. Hence, people on the Paleo diet are full of energy and active throughout the day.

–   Easy to maintain the diet

The caveman diet is easy to maintain because there are no portion requirements. Also, regardless of the elimination of sugar, bad fats, and processed foods, the remaining food items are still interesting. You can make tasty meals with meat and vegetables, and if you need a sugary treat, you can always eat a fruit. Hence, many people find it easy to stick to this diet as compared to others.

– Ideal lactose intolerant and Gluten free diet

People that have issues with Gluten and Lactose find that the Caveman Diet is a perfect fit for them. It’s a perfect fit because this diet forbids the intake of dairy products and grains as well as legumes. By following the Caveman Diet, people who are Gluten and lactose intolerant can avoid foods that trigger inflammation in them.

All in allFeature Articles, the Paleo Diet is a great diet in the maintenance of good health and weight loss.


  1. very interesting video this one, it seemed to take a turn when you started talking about livers and bones. i was laughing but interested at the same time.

  2. Some plastic containers release hormones when they are heated…
    To avoid heating your plastic containers… turn the container up-side-down (keep the lid on) and run tap water (not hot) over it… it should release with a little push from the bottom.

  3. The chemicals in plastic worry me, so I usually store foods in glass containers. I have a lot of these, ranging in size from small to medium to large. They hold leftover foods, cooked foods that can be rewarmed, etc. They feel safer.

  4. I thought that it was an industry standard to pasteurise basically everything. So commercial sauerkraut and kombucha should be impossible to be alive because all the containers would explode from the fermentation gases…..

  5. I’ve been considering trying out Paleo and I happened to stumble across your channel and decided to go through with it. Thank you for your info and I must add that I love your accent! 🙂 Greetings from California!!

  6. I realized from the accent. Gonna move to Sydney i hope, Just need to pass my dentistry exam! 😀 can’t wait

  7. you mentioned you are going to be making Pizza? or Pasta? Isn’t those “forbidden”??

    btw, thank you for the video 🙂

  8. I really want to thank you for doing this. I have been trying to go primal for over 2 years and never could. Your idea of approaching each meal made me feel like I can finally accomplish this. Also, all the details about your kitchen and the meal plans have given me hope.

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