The TRUTH About Nutrisystem: Week One UPDATE

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  1. Congrats!!!  I just started Nutrisystem too.  I have had a tough week too. Started Nutrisytem and  new medication at the same time.  Not a good idea.  Did great the first 3 days but felt really bad on the 4 and 5 day and turned to my weekness–food–to try and feel better.  Not taking the new med the 6th day and getting back on track.  I have just ordered a 28 day supply of food.  I really want to do this.  I love that you are keeping it real.  I will be following you on your journey for support and tips.  You are Beautiful!  We can do this!

    1. Thank you so much for the support and following me along on this journey !! I wish you the best of luck on your journey as well !! Keep checking back and keeping me updated 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle! Congrats on all your accomplishments! I have to say it took me a year to loose like 25 pounds, sad. Where did you buy your blender bottle? I would really like one to take to work.

  3. I have been on Nutrisystem for about 3 months and I’ve lost 20 pounds I just got my 20 pound bear good luck to you you can do it it gets easier. Remember that their lunches need to be cooked longer in the microwave. I bought the lunch crock to make the lunches in and I love it they come put perfect! Anyone starting the Fast Five I recommend using the magic bullet and adding some ice it comes out like a milkshake

    1. AHHHH that is amazing !!!! Big hugs from me !! and I totally agree about the ice slush with the protein shakes it so taste like a Wendys ice cream dessert !

    2. Yeah I didn’t like the energizer shake I thought it was kind of bitter. The afternoon shake was good. Will they let you pick your own food next month ? You will find that you like certain foods better then others . Now that you are on the regular plan you can have yogurt nuts cheese and fruit etcetera.

    3. +Jackie Wilson See I liked the energizer shake over the craving crusher one haha ! And yes hopefully next month I will get to choose my foods !!! And oh my goodness yes I am on the normal plan and liking the freedom now ! I can mesh in a bit of my normal favorites while sticking to the diet, calorie intake and portion control :o)

  4. I am on Weight Watchers! I like it because I can eat the same food as everyone in my family! The key is to write down what you eat and measure everything! I lost 15lbs in and I have been on it for a month! I’m proud of you and I know how hard it is!

  5. I know that I am about 5 months behind you, but I just started my day 1 on the fast 5. Thank you for your videos and the honest opinion of the program. I am curious how you are doing now?

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I did prep some of the meals in a few of my other Nutrisystem videos be sure to check those out for more insight on the food itself 🙂

    2. thanks for the reply-I am not doing NS-I am on Dukan for a few years now (low carb, low sugar, high protein) I was searching for info on the 1 day kit in the frozen section and came across this website.

  6. The pizza is too sweet for onion. It’s not a zesty herby type of sauce. I think you want to go peppery or garlic & olive with that.

  7. hmm.. I don’t think you need to lose any weight. I think you look beautiful like you are. Just my opinion. Good luck with your journey though.

  8. your beautiful!!!! i ended up watching your videos after you lost. you look amazing. keep going your an inspiration.

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