Paleo Diet Before and After

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Picture of 2 months into the Paleo diet vs 5 months into the paleo diet. The diet that works! There is a lot of weight loss on my hips and tummy. In this vid I basically go through my story, the weird symptoms I was getting from stress and generally feeling run down and how I got into this way of eating. I originally just started by primalizing my breakfast then a few months later I did lunch. And finally, I did snacks and dinner.

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  1. to comment on a former comment by 29sentz who claims “fruit is freely provided by nature” LOL at that because meat is freely provided by nature!  I am gonna get some MEAT!  It is all natural and freely provided and the killing it is in my nature.

  2. rice krispies = rice bubbles…^_^   Same English language, used so very differently.  Got to love it.  Thanks for the video, this is so very helpful.

  3. I want to go back on paleo but I’m trying to gain weight.  If anyone has suggestions please let me know.  I have been eating carbs pasta, milk and sweets to gain weight.  It works but feels so unhealthy.

  4. you are beautiful in both pictures to me but if you feel better now thats super ,i need to start eating better again and you may have just been my inspiration

  5. eating right will get you in shape automatically. for humans its plants and fruit, not meat. even if you loose a bit of weight doing paleo, it doesn’t mean its good for your body, organs, skin and so forth since meat, dairy and so forth are acidic and bad for your body.

  6. I lost 20kg by stopping to eat meat, bread and cheese. and my skin is shiny and I feel calmer since meat causes more stress, fear and aggression enzymes to be released in our bodies.

  7. I can believe the paleo ethos, it omits dairy and sugars, grains, that in itself will reduce inflammation and reduce weight. I am a long time vegetarian, I’ll pass on the meat, fish , and poultry, but the rest I now do, and it really works.

  8. its all to do with hormones, theres no need to call paleo a DIET… its fat loss NOT weight loss too LOL… so many have no idea at all and over complicate things, if you understand the hormonal responses then its easy to know what foods to eat!

  9. You look really good to me!
    I’ve been telling people about grains and processed foods for a long time, most people think grains are good for you.

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