Nutrisystem Review

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A user reviews the Nutrisystem Diet Product: from arriving at her front door to tasting a mini pizza.

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  1. ummmmm…yuk! You’d be better off with a roasted chicken breast…big veggie salad. I wonder what that sad excuse for a pizza cost. Not to mention the nutrient value…..what we do to our poor bodies.

  2. I waste my money on bullshit. Tha doctor told me abut dis nasy food. It taste lyke raw food to me wit knw flavor @ all. Homeless wuldn’t eat dis food.

  3. The food doesn’t taste that great. It does teach you portion control. I used it for a week and then bought my own food – much cheaper and tastier! I lost 20 lb.

  4. One of my team members lost 35lbs on nutrisystem in just 8wks , stick with the plan and the plan will help you olse the weight fast

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