Nutrisystem Foods The Best Review

This is the second month’s shipment of Nutrisystem’s shelf stable foods and show some of the food options. Then, answer the most common question:   “How does the food TASTE?”


When you are dieting, one of the hardest things you first of all want to do is try and choose a diet regime that actually works. There are so many fat reduction approaches to choose from, and you just have to select one that you can have great results on. Let’s talk about the most well-liked fat loss plans-Nutrisystem. Does Nutrisystem get the job done? And, can it be right for you?

Nutrisystem is a serving controlled, ready snack delivery plan. Nutrisystem was in fact founded in 1973 and it has made it easier for a great number of individuals shed extra pounds within the last 36 years. The Nutrisystem diet regime has evolved extremely in recent times, and today’s plan is labeled as Nutrisystem Superior.

Nutrisystem foodstuff arrives pre-packaged in unique serving sizes and is also prepared to cook. Nutrisystem foods are low fat, possess good carbs, the proper levels of meat and also fiber, and today include Omega-3 fats. The ingredients in Nutrisystem food items might help promote heart health and will keep you experiencing fuller for a longer time.

Within the Nutrisystem eating routine, you will be consuming 3 Nutrisystem meals and 2 Nutrisystem snacks on a daily basis. Additionally, you will include berries, vegetables, soups and also milk items. You can get over 130 meals, snacks along with desserts to choose from.

You simply purchase Nutrisystem meals online and your own purchase is usually fully custom-made to your preferred foods. You will find programs for males, women of all ages, diabetics along with non-meat eaters. Your order is made for A month of food-enough for Several daily meals and a pair of snacks daily for 4 weeks. The food is actually shipped right to your home.

Nutrisystem is known as a diet program that work well. That is verified by the multitude of Nutrisystem reports via people currently using it and shedding pounds by using it. Yet, will Nutrisystem work for you?

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  1. you know if you can get up your own will power to eat one chocolate doughnut a month you dont need nutrisystem. They practice portion control, you can too just add will power and eat whole foods.

  2. Nutrisystem can help anyone who has a weight problem and the foods taste so good

  3. their food when they first started & in the 80’s was MUCH better than what they have today
    can not eat or even give away the nasty stuff they have today

  4. I don’t know what the food was like in the 80s, but it’s better now than it was 10 years ago when I first tried it. I couldn’t stick to it, but now I’m losing an avg. of 2 pounds per week.

  5. Just started. The food is not bad at all. It just has less flavor than regular food because it’s all low fat and low sugar. It is all small portions and you eat 6 times a day. You are allowed to add grocery items like fresh fruits and vegetables, Low Fat Yogart, String Cheese, Nuts, cottage cheese, etc. You just have to count your colories every day to stay within your limits. 30 Minutes of exercise a day like walking is recommended. Some of the meals you have to add water and microwave.

  6. I ve lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks message me and I can send you buddy bucks worth $30 off your order and teel you how you can save even more through costco making your first month only $169 its not bad and I like alot of the food and so far have had 2 things I dont like but would still eat if put in front of me. I love this program!

    1. +Jackie Wilson You got on this program? How much did you lose on that and in about how long did you stay on it? ( Unless you’re still on it right now )

    2. Jackie Wilson Why wouldn’t you just keep buying the First Month package from this site, rather than paying a lot more by going direct with NS? I’m not advocating anyone buy the stuff, but if someone prefers the program, why not buy all the stuff at this site?

  7. I tried Nutrisystem for a month and it was the most disgusting food I’ve ever tasted. Stale gross and tasteless and it made me sick to my stomach. Only someone with no taste buds can eat that crap. I now do my own diet with foods I like and work out a half hr. every day except for weekends and I lose 3-4 pounds a week. Also I need to stress that Nutrisystem foods will ruin your digestive system, your skin will be dry and your hair will fall out and u will have terrible stomach aches. And even when u stop eating the crap for weeks later your body will still suffer. Beware, it’s not good for you. You can lose weight many other safe ways like juicing. This stuff will make u sick. It’s garbage food. I wouldn’t give it to a dog. If u throw it in the garbage the rats won’t even touch it. I guess they’re smarter than us. But u believe what u want. As for me I’m never touching diets like these. Do a research and u will see many ppl complain of the same symptoms I’ve had, some even worse.

    1. +Elisabeth NOYB could you give an example or your actually menu of breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks that you used to lose weight instead of Nutri-system? Thanks.

    2. Probably because you didn’t drink enough water. ulcers are caused by mostly acidic foods like fruits and veggies.. If anything your body would want to get rid of this food asap.

    3. +Elisabeth “Rottilvr” NOYB Juicing? I forgot what that is, Is it like when you drink different types of Fruit’s juice for an entire day or something? Like a quick Juice fast?


    5. Everything you said is bullshit Elisabeth. It’s not gourmet, it’s diet food but most of it tastes fine. A few of them are even good. It will NOT make you sick. Maybe you need to figure out what the hell is wrong with your body if you had those problems.

  8. One of my team lost a huge amount of weight in just 6wks on Nutrisystem , its a great system if you stick to it

  9. I have been on the nutrisystem diet since march of 2014 and I lost a total of 60 pounds and I am still on it this is the best diet I have ever been on I love it

  10. The only thing I have not liked so far is the Mint Patty dessert.  The cookie crumbles on top are great, but I’m not a huge fan of mint, so, really, it’s up to your personal taste I guess.

    Overall, the food is GREAT and I crave each meal, maybe because I’m so hungry. haha

    Personal favorites are:  Mashed Potatoes, Pizza, Chocolate Bars, Cookies, Cheese Puffs, all Chili, and Alfredo Pasta,

  11. Microwaved food does not taste as good. I would heat it up in a toaster oven or your regular oven much better tasting results.

  12. thank you for the video. i am on week 4 myself. i should have my second month shipping tomorrow. i did buy some of the choc, peanut butter bars at walmart just to try them. i did not think that i would like food bars, but i was running errands today and took one with me. it was not only delicious, but filled me up. I am doing the vegetarian program and love the taste of the foods, however, i do have some that i did not reorder because i do not like them. like the choc covered doughnut. granola cereal. pretzels.. not liking much of the savory snacks though.but most of the food is very good and flavorful.

  13. my only problem with nutri system is why do they have to use that unconvinceing maria all teeth osmond as a spokes person . i got so tired of seeing her mug on tv n the internet ive changed over to jenny craig.

  14. What are you saying at 0:16 ? That you have 18 days worth of food ? Did you say a few seconds earlier that it is a month of food ? Is it a month or 18 days ?

  15. You can make this food at home. Remember it has a lot of salt to preserve it be careful if you have high blood pressure

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