Nutrisystem Update Review

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This is the WEEK TWELVE Nutrisystem review.

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Such is the appeal of the NutriSystem that it is leading the way by differentiating itself by going after men, a first for diet companies.  The company supplies so much information that it is like hiring a dietician, a cook, a personal trainer and weight loss counselors all in one that is one of the reasons why this system is one of the most popular meal programs.

While there are several other similar diet delivery programs on the market, one of the best things about Nutrisystem is the tremendous support their clients receive like: Online or Phone Counselling, The Nutrisystem Nourish Catalog, Daily Dose, Motivational Message, Online Newslette, rOnline Classes, Online Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms, Online Weight Loss and Fitness Diaries, Member Profile Section. The website itself is simple, easy to navigate, and find answers.


The NutriSystem diet is based around the glycemic index.  Some of the food is great and some is lousy, but the diet DOES work.  People seem to think that they buy these meals and they will magically be thin for ever and ever, but the reality is that the Nutrisystem meals are a small portion of the diet.

While the food is not what you would call “ gourmet”, one plus that many people enjoy about NutriSystem is the fact that for 5 weeks, or however long you are on NutriSystem, you don’t have to do any food shopping, or any real food preparation.

Some Comments”No it is not expensive after you consider how much junk you eat when not dieting”

“Even with the extra trouble of sauting some onions, peppers, and zucchini to toss into your dinner entree, the diet is very easy to follow and provides a lot of ”

“This is an easy way to get variety and still stay within the calorie limit of your diet”

“One of the least expensive diet-to-your-door meal delivery services, Nutrisystem might even be less expensive than your daily fast food and junk food habits”


Nutrisystem is successful because it cleverly balances your blood sugar while reducing your daily caloric intake so you don’t feel hungry in between meals.

It has to be remembers that the company is an icon in the history of commercial weight loss and remains one of the few weight loss companies that has stuck to the basic principles of healthy weight loss.

If you’re considering this diet program, here’s a few things you need to know before deciding, Nutrisystem has been in the weight loss business since 1972, making them one of the most experienced diet systems in the worldHealth Fitness Articles, so clearly they are doing something right.

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  1. I just discovered your channel since I’m thinking about doing Nutrisystem. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It has really inspired me. You looked amazing from the beginning and now you look so toned, slim and even more importantly, confident and energetic!

    1. 😊 thank you so much !!! And it is true I do feel better about myself. I do want to lose a bit more but wow what a difference even 10 lbs makes !!

  2. Also the fact that you maintained your loss through the last month even though you weren’t eating many of the NS meals is *awesome*!!!

    1. I think so too 🙂 and actually even up until mid December I some how managed to lose a few more pounds even without eating hardly any nutrisystem – this has totally reset my body’s way of how much good I need !! — I say mid December because yeaaaaa I feel the bloat I’ve taken on from Christmas haha #christmascookiesarethebest

    1. +karina urena i just received my order to day, it cost me $249.98, it would’ve cost more but they gave me a $100 off. $50 off my first order and $25 off the 2nd and 3rd orders. Starting tomorrow, can’t wait.

  3. You would have lost more had you did what they told you. If you do it your way then you don’t get their results, you get yours. You did wonderful, but it could have been amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey, that is awesome. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  4. you let no one down you did great and look great your a mother of two and a husband im sure an if not then that is even harder on you id say take some extra vE and that will give you lots more energy and you lost 11 pounds in 90 days with some spoilers and not much exercise if you keep that going for the whole year that will equal 44 pounds and with comfort of not jogging like a cra cra person and spending every moment in the gym you did it very comfortably and naturally its not just ok its fantastic this video was more helpful then any other video for real people who live realistic lives not hi im kim i jog 50 times a day and eat a cracker you made real people who suffer from the love of food and flavor with kids and trying to do better YOU DID IT and God Bless you all yours! thank you!

  5. You rambled on and on and got totally off subject quite a bit that I found the video so annoying. If you had stayed on track it could have been much shorter and easier to listen. Sorry, I could not watch all of it, had to stop after few minutes. Info was good just not focused

    1. Bonnie Phillips My thoughts exactly! Very likable girl and I wanted to finish the video but like you said the rambling made me more interested in the comments down the content!

  6. I watched through your videos because I recently started this program myself. I am much heavier than you, so my losses have probably been due to that. But lady, you can SEE the difference in your body from here compared to your first week. You have really slimmed down. But even if you hadn’t, you aren’t a failure and I’m glad you are able to see that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. You are peppy and honest and really fun to watch.

  7. I loved following your journey!! and i hope to start mine soon as well! I went on their website and i only saw a 4 week program, do they not have a 3 month option anymore??

  8. I just watched all of your nutrisystem journey videos (ok some i skimmed through to the weigh ins- you caught me) and i have to say you look SO GOOD. I thought you already looked amazing to begin with, honestly. I’ve been thinking a lot about giving this program a try. I just hope I end up with the results you achieved!

    1. Haha I don’t blame you on skimming through some of them ( I tend to get a big chatty ) of you sign up let me know I have a few deals / coupon codes that may work for you.

  9. You only lost 10 pounds in 3 months? Not for me……that’s not even a pound a week. The food didn’t look good and you passed up good food on a Holiday. Never, I am not doing that.

  10. Hi Michelle I’m not trying to put you down I see some of your videos you were eating more food like you supposed to you really have to follow the plan exactly I lost 75 pounds 7 months I did everything like I supposed to I did not exercise at all if I had drink a gallon of water a day

  11. I enjoyed all of your videos, it was very real honest and pure realistic, You did a great job and I am very proud of you. I thank you for the real true you.

  12. I appreciate this video. I have been on nutrisystem for a few weeks and I have lost approximately 1 lb/week. At first, I felt l that rate of weight loss was not enough but it IS enough. And this has helped me think more about my nutrition. And you did great! Thanks for your video 🙂

  13. So here’s the thing. She didn’t do it correctly and could have lost more if she had followed it correctly, we know this. She follows it a bit more like I do (I’ve been on it a few times over the past 15 years). She is correct that if you do Nutrisystem at least on most days of the week, your stomach changes and you get full quicker when you do eat out. I’ve also found that cravings for sugar go down. The last time I did NS I lost about 12 pounds in 3 months but I was also eating wedding buffets 1-2 nights a week (I’m a wedding photographer) complete with cake, and occasionally I’d have date nights out with my husband and not worry too much about portions/calories.

    So, if you CAN do it correctly, you absolutely SHOULD. Otherwise you will probably get discouraged because you won’t get the dramatic results that you see on TV. Don’t forget to do some sort of workout too that engages your muscles because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you’ll obviously get more dramatic results as well.

    1. +Crystal VanAntwerpen beautifully written Crystal. I’m so proud of you and the progress you’ve made and seen from doing a program like this. Even if it’s on and off again. I really need to get ‘back on’ this again. I’ve gained a bit since my surgery and portion control for me has become an issue.

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