Healthy Protein: Paleo Breakfast Recipe

Quick and easy paleo breakfast recipe. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is one of the healthiest ways to start!

– 1 egg
– Mince meat and herbs OR sausage meat
– Two chunky mushrooms
– 1 tomato
– Spinach or other leafy salad greens

If you haven’t heard of the Paleo diet plan the article will give you Paleo diet basics. It will give you some background and what it is all about. I what to show how easy this diet really is and show why everybody should be on it.

To begin with, technically speaking this is not a new diet. I really started in the Paleolithic era, which was the caveman era. This diet is actually named for that era. Back then they were hunters and gatherers that ate the foods Mother Nature had to offer. They didn’t farm or come up with hybrid foods of their own. The food they ate was naturally from the land.

There have been studies that show that these people didn’t suffer health problems like we have today. They didn’t have cancer, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and others. The fact is that there are people even today who live much like those cavemen of old that don’t have the ailments we have and that maintain strong bones and teeth even in their late ages.

It was when farming and agriculture came into being and introduced dairy and grains into out diet that we began our down hill fall as far as health. Add to that the additives and preservatives add by modern man and you complete the fall to the bottom of the health we have today.

Okay so let’s talk about the Paleo diet basics and how this diet can pull us back up that hill. First of all I really like to think of this as lifestyle change rather than a diet. Diets deprive you, starve you and in some cases actually harm you. With this diet you merely exchange harmful foods for healthy ones. You are going to eat like the cavemen did, from Mother Nature and that includes more things then you might think.



  1. Ive been eating in a low carb fashion for awhile now and your approach is interesting. Is you macros mostly protein and less fat. Ive just heard that isnt good considering how it works. I saw on another video you mentioned too much fat in your diet was too akenish, or something. Do you believe fat to be bad?

  2. Nice “SexyP.”….hey, that works…..SexyP.
    Tip….use a tiny cook pot to boil water for eggs…saves energy, time and money….also…this would be good with beef, chicken or shrimp I bet too…like the idea of using a muchroom…gotta try that…thanks SexyP.

  3. wounder how long it takes to make this? I get really hungry in the morning and I know Chicken is one of those meats you better off over cooking than under.

  4. My kids & I go through 1 box of cereal each day. I’ve been eating cereal at least once a day since I was very young and now I’m 33 and time for a BIG change in our household. Thanks so much for the inspiration to try the Paleo diet out. 🙂 Thank you!

  5. My girlfriend is new to paleo cooking and never knows what to cook.. so I just subscribed to your channel on her youtube account without her know. Thanks for your help.

  6. Beautiful – I have done roughly the same thing but with organic beef mince, the spices work really well though I am a paprika and cayenne/ chilli kind of guy too. Love your videos and will refrain from commenting how hot you look. The advice and info you give out totally outstrips any misguided hormonal intentions 🙂

  7. I started the Paleo diet two days ago and really enjoy watching your videos. They give me motivation to stay on track. Thank you!

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