Healthy Paleo Diet

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This is the kind of thing I buy from the supermarket since I’ve been on my paleo diet. It’s mostly perishables, as you will see, best to keep your food as fresh and healthy as possible!

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  1. i loved when i lived right near a shopping centre, i used to shop and live 2 days at a time, unless i cooked a bunch. now i shop just once a week, and try get things i know will last that long, but its not as nice.

  2. I don’t really get organic fruit and veg, when I go to woolworths, I always check out the organic section first to see what’s on sale, but other than that my budget doesn’t stretch that far either. I’ve encountered a LOT of snobbery about Aldi meat, I personally think it’s really good! Cleopatra’s bath milk, ah! Jealous, It’s hard to get down here in Canberra.

  3. Ha, don’t tell your room mate what I think! They’ll probably start calling the organic eggs something different and we’ll all fall for it.

  4. I remember going down this path 🙂 I ended up vegan. You seem like a really health conscious person I wouldn’t recommend raw milk despite what you may have heard about it, it contains various bacteria (some beneficial like you’ve probably heard but also some bad ones!). he got me out of the paleo way of eating and opened up my eyes. I remember even turning my veg gf into a meat eater now I’m vegan.

  5. First year nutrition at ANU in Canberra as a non-award unit if they offer it, gain some real knowledge I have, now I would never look back.

  6. Take it gradual, one meal paleo and two regular meals. Then make two meals paleo etc. Don’t just detox like that.

  7. Second year nutrition should cover the conversion of the body from being a glucose dependent system to an efficient ketone using system. This works well for athletes as well as the sedentary, but doesn’t work for every single person. Your body wasn’t one that liked it, and that’s cool. But don’t paint everyone with a the “stupid brush” simply because your mileage varied.

  8. We are all humans we don’t vary that much. I’ve done second year nutrition humans run best on energy derived from glucose not fat/ketone bodies.

  9. I just wanted to say that you are a vibrant sweet woman I wish we had more here in the united states….

    anyways i really wanted to let the unknown know …tomatoes are poison so is garlic and its cousin onions are too…look them up do not believe me..

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