Diet & Nutrition Tutorial: You Asked For It

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Diet & Nutrition Tutorial: You Asked For It– In this episode of “You Asked For It”, Functional Medicine Expert and Health & Wellness Author, Dr. Frank Lipman from the Reserve Channel answers some of your questions regarding dieting and how to pick the most effective diet for you. Learn about some of the key things that you can try to cut out of your diet as well as some other foods that you can increase your intake on in order to achieve the fastest results. Stay tuned as “You Asked For It” Host, Melena Scantlin checks in with Legendary Fitness Icon, Denise Austin on as a few simple ways that you stay active during the day in order to keep your metabolism up and burn extra calories. Get ready to see results fast with these effective rules. Try implementing a few of these easy nutritional tips into your daily eating habits and stay moving throughout the day to look and feel your best, and shape the body that you have always wanted.

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  1. dont just cut out sugar completely, just dont eat it processed. you can eat a decent amount of fruit for a sweet tooth and occasionally some dark chocolate. the fruit not only helps with a sweet tooth but you get plenty of vitamin C and various other nutrients available from fruit that you would get from eating or drinking other forms of sweets and the dark chocolate has antioxidants so you can eat it occasionally and it may actually help your diet.

  2. Many he should have used the word factory instead of plant, it sounds more distinctive. Cut out gluten? Isn’t gluten a protein found in a number of grains? Why should people without a gluten allergy or intolerance give up carbohydrates containing gluten? This makes no sense to me. If he said to reduce your carbohydrate intake such as grains, starchy root veg and fruits I would understand. I tried low-carb for a week, I lost weight but I was always hungry and I my cravings were heightened.

  3. Good advice, sugar and gluten be gone! P.S. There are things you can have that are gluten free that is still a carb, that are more natural for your body to process. Fruits and veggies have have carbs and no gluten, as well as quinoa and brown rice.

  4. ok so can anyone tell me can I buy gluten free bread as we sell sliced loafs at work to make sandwiches with my salad or ham etc ? also can I buy the free from biscuits to have with a cup of coffee in the morning instead of the ones from the biscuit aisle ?

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  6. im more in my teens and want to cut down a few pounds, plus get those lush abs, so i can eat all fruit and question may i eat almonds for foods with no sugar or a little snack? thanks , you helped a lot

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